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HPO Diagnosis

High Performance Partnership (HPP) Diagnosis

When an organization is hard at work transforming into a High Performance Organization (HPO), sooner or later the time will come when the quality of the value chain in which the organization operates will become important. After all, if the suppliers and buyers are not HPOs, the quality of the organization will be offset in […]

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overview of the academic articles and papers on High Performance Organizations by André de Waal MSc, MBA, PhD

HPO Advisory (Anglais)

We work with all sorts of organizations across the globe. Our continuous research helps clients to improve their performance. We have deep functional and industry expertise . We are passionate about taking on immense challenges that improve our clients performance on the long-term. Our HPO knowledge supports organizations in implementing the desired improvements. We also challenge on […]

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HPO Masterclasses

With the worldwide publication of André de Waal’s book What Makes a High Performance Organization, the HPO Center will start offering its much sought after and successful HPO Masterclasses on all continents, on a regular basis. Possible HPO Masterclass for your organization Before HPO Questionnaire: The participants fill out the HPO Questionnaire, via the internet link. […]

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HPO scan

Diagnostic HPO

Une entreprise peut donc déterminer son statut une organisation hautement performante (HPO) en réalisant un diagnostic HPO. Durant ce diagnostic, les managers et les employés remplissent le questionnaire HPO (également disponible en français), en indiquant les résultats de leur entreprise pour ces 35 caractéristiques, en se basant sur une échelle de 1 (très mauvais résultats) […]

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Performance Management Analysis – PMA ®

An increasing number of organisations are implementing strategic performance management systems. Despite the increase in experience gained with implementing this approach, there is still a lot to be learned about the factors that influence the everyday use of performance management and of the factors that influence performance-driven behavior. We identified behavioral factors that have an […]

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Executive program 'Creating a High Performance Organization'

Ateliers et séminaires (Anglais)

Awareness and Discussion within Your Management Team Active, customized workshop on topics such as: ’High Performance Organizations’, ’High Performance Leadership’, ’Improve your Management’, ’HPO and Best Ideas’, ‘High Performance Partnerships’, ‘Drive for Excellence’, etc.. Target group: Companies and institutions (or organizational units) that want to know more about high performance and want to actively work […]

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