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mercredi, 9 mars 2016

High Performance Organizations Today Event (Mainz, Germany)


A one-day program that integrates decades of research and experience to enable you to begin the journey to high performance.

For the first time we have a valid definition of what an HPO is: The most significant development in recent years is the research of more than 2,500 companies conducted by Dr.André de Waal of Maastricht School of Management in the The Netherlands. André has researched for more than a decade what makes a HPO. He has learned that HPOs are characterized by the following factors:

1.     High quality management: decisive, action oriented strong trust relationships, coaching, holding others responsible.

2.     High quality employees: recruiting those who want to assume responsibilty and excel, from diverse backgrounds; who are complementary, flexible and resilient.

3.     Long-term orientation: continuity over short-term profit, collaboration with others, good long-term relationships with all stakeholders, focus on customers.

4.     Continuous improvement and innovation: a distinctive strategy; processes that are continuously improved, simplified, and coordinated; core competencies and products continuously improved; reporting important and correct information.

5.     Open and action-oriented management: communicating often with employees, open to change, performance oriented, engaging in dialogue with others.

Second, we have a contemporary framework that describes how HPOs work: formulated by University of Michigan’s Dr.Jeffrey K. Liker and HPO Global Alliance’s David Hanna based on their experiences with Toyota, Procter & Gamble, Ritz-Carlton, and a host of others in many parts of the world.

The framework includes:

  1. Systems Thinking
  2. A Value Driven Purpose
  3. Deep Technical Mastery
  4. Balanced Workflow
  5. Run To Target
  6. Teams and Collaboration
  7. Leaders Add Value
  8. Problems Solved At Their Source
  9. Continuous Improvement / Innovation

THE HPOs TODAY PROGRAM (click here for the brochure)

This one-day program simulates the breakthrough principles and practices (not fads) that have delivered high performance in a variety of industries, organizations, and cultural settings (For more information and registration click here!).


  • To understand the difference between principles and fads in shaping organizational performance.
  • To learn what research has proven does (and does not) deliver high performance.
  • To simulate the key processes and work with some new organizational tools that make the difference between high performance and high frustration.
  • To develop your own HPO action plan


  • The program is an experiential simulation of the principles and practices that characterize HPOs. An engaging case study becomes the instrument for small teams to experience important milestones in the HPO journey.
  • André de Waal’s HPO research. You will compare the case study organization’s performance with this HPO standard.
  • The Organizational Systems Model, a tool that has proven to be very effective in diagnosing and designing a whole system. You will use the OSM to understand WHY the case study organization isn’t a HPO today.
  • Overview of the nine organization design principles that describe how HPOs work. You will identify which of these can be utilized to move the organization upward, then recommend specific design changes to be made.
  • Your HPO action plan. You will summarize your learning in an action plan for moving forward on the HPO journey when you return to your organization.


Dave is a former Procter & Gamble manager and consultant who has shaped HPOs all over the world. He is a partner at the HPO Global Alliance and the author of Designing Organizations for High Performance and The Organizational Survival Code.

The tuition for this program is 420€ (excluding 19% VAT). This includes all program materials and lunch and two breaks for the day.HPO Today Mainz
Early bird registration until April 3, 2016 – 15% rebate.

The program takes place at the ATRIUM Hotel Mainz/Germany on May 11, 2016. If you need accommodation please contact the hotel for reservation.

For more information and registration click here!