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Customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, society – everyone benefits when organizations perform as HPOs. We beam with pride every time we succeed in inspiring and Esthe Mollema - HPO Eventchallenging managers and employees to embark on the road towards becoming an excellent organization. We aim to be the source of inspiration and knowledge worldwide when it comes to ‘what’ makes an organization better and what drives managers and employees within those organizations to improve their performance.

HPO CenterWe are a knowledge and inspiration center (headquarters in The Netherlands) that uses continuous research to work with organizations around the world (including emerging markets) that are driven to improve their performance. Inspiring, rousing and connecting people in a network is our passion. We use the HPO concept to hold a mirror up to organizations and provide a foundation for continuous performance improvement. That is our mission. That is what drives us.

The HPO Center aims to become the global expert in what makes organizations better. We provide knowledge to this end in the form of diagnoses, interviews, books, articles, lectures, networks and workshops. The HPO Experts (e.g. André de Waal and Esther Mollema) support organizations in implementing the desired improvements. We also started new research that looks more in-depth at this subject, including studies into High Performance ThailandManagers (HPM) and High Performance Partnerships (HPP).

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