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HPO Insight™ improvement tool

HPO Insight – improvement begins with understanding

With HPO Insight™ improvement tool, anyone can quickly and easily measure and improve performance in an informed way, and compare HPO Insight improvement toolit with the peers’ performance. HPO Insight™ allows you to focus on the qualities, Key Improvement Areas, and action points of your team, department and/or organization. HPO Insight™ is based on years of scientific and practical research so you have the highest certainty that your efforts will actually be successful.

The HPO Insight™ software is used, among other things, to establish the strategic plan, fine tune the organization’s improvement plan, draw up a leadership program, draft KPIs, renew the employee satisfaction survey (ESS), and get a clear picture of quality of management and employees.

Discover the HPO Insight™ improvement tool

  • Unlimited number of studies and reports at all levels
  • Can be extended to an ESS⁺ free of charge and flexibly
  • Quickly compare your strengths and points of concern with peers
  • Scientifically validated questionnaire
  • Insightful report with actions and focus so you can improve
  • Flexible software to measure organizations, departments, teams, and functional groups
  • Specific Key Improvement Areas based on your results
  • Safe, reliable, and supporting improvement

“What do the executive teams of competing firms actually compete on? Not on their firm’s products and services, that is the company’s output. In fact, executive teams primarily compete on the quality of their insights about their own organization.”
Harvard Business Review Press

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